I'm Having A Baby!

The day after we got the keys to our beautiful Darby Street store I peed on a stick. I think more than half of me was certain that the test was going to come back negative but oh boy was I wrong! I genuinely feel like there was a solid, bold and underlined cross staring back at me in under five seconds. No questions here sister - you're officially a pregnant bitch!

Darby Street has been such a blessed whirlwind experience. As a team, Josh and I have gone through the highs of the parties to the lows of the shoplifters, the proud feeling of being able to take money from your small business at the end of a busy week, to the shitty feeling of needing to ask our partners to pay for groceries and cover the phone bill. 
Retail has changed astronomically in just a few short years.
This year, Roger David announced that they can no longer compete with online competition. Myer is trading at 40% less than they were at this time last year. Is the market saturated or are people's values changing? Do you adapt to new trends and business strategies or fall under the pressure of redesign? 

I've said this several times over the last eight months - your brain literally changes when you have a baby. On one hand, there is a huge sense of needing to stay in the box. You feel like you shouldn't make bold decisions or judgement calls in case they go badly. 
On the other hand which is really just my innermost stubborn self I feel the need to lead by example for my son. If we don't take risks, how will they know that it's an asset to put yourself out there or that it's brave to be different. Why work for the CEO when you can BE the CEO? 
Maybe I'm just rambling but I feel like perspective is necessary this close to both my due date and the end of our time at Darby Street. 

Next year, Josh and I will be plunging head first in to online. We have such huge goals to get our message about the importance of slow, ethical fashion out there. If Roger David and Myer can't do it, maybe it's up to the little guys to think outside the box.