In This Instance - Small Is Better

Our business is about as small as they come. We swear, talk about boys, drink champagne, and support every small business that comes our way. 
When I first opened I thought that owning a retail store would be completely different. I thought that I would be completely different! What surprised me more and more about myself as time went on was that I would rather find the huge life-altering success slower and support all the little guys who were like me.

I've decided to feature three labels as a small introduction to the labels who make up our beloved business (it's also 4:30pm and I have a yoga class soon).

In our generation, being ethical and aware of the beautiful earth that surrounds us is paramount to the success of the human race. Fashion is the second largest contributor to land fill. In Australia, more that 500'000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year. 
We set out to acknowledge this fact AND do something about it. The first step is to avoid working with labels who are not ethically conscious enough to work in smaller scale, or with natural fibre, if it means being less cost effective. 

Rode To Nowear

We are so lucky to be the Newcastle exclusive stockists of Rode To Nowear. I'm still in awe of the creativity and hard work that two easy-going Byron Bay Babes have put in to create their label. Rode To Nowear has an amazing cult following of guys and gals who appreciate raw luxe linens and unique design.

Courtney And The Babes

Courtney And The Babes started from extremely humble beginnings - one gypsy hearted girl with a passion for essential oils and their healing properties. Courtney started with an art page, occasionally shedding light on her essential oil knowledge. After time she offered handmade roller blends - blends created solely for healing emotionally and physically. 

Courtney's range has grown to an exclusive range of roller blends, natural skincare, diffuser oils, mists, and crystal kits. The natural skincare product 'spot be gone' has been a best seller for us!

Threaded Earth

The first time I spoke to Lisa Maree on the phone I was in stitches. Perhaps one of the best parts of working with small businesses is that you speak to the owners and creators. Lisa, the talented designer behind Threaded Earth is no exception. Threaded Earth is made with love in Sydney and inspired by the free spirited bohemian that is within all of us. 
The prints are exclusive and the pieces are made ethically using only natural fabrics. With a mantra like "wear what makes you feel beautiful" how can we not be part of it!?

In the case of these labels, and the many others we are blessed enough to have in store, we believe that smaller is least in this case.